Structural Integrity Advisory Group

Consultancy services

We have extensive expertise in the design and structural integrity assessment of engineering components and structures, and in the development and application of the most advanced numerical tools to simulate the behaviour of materials under high temperature, high stresses and corrosive environments. Our unparalleled expertise in the application of damage models and FEA modelling capabilities enables us to apply leading edge computer simulation technology to practical problems for the benefit of our clients.

Key engineering and consulting services:
- Stress Analysis and Finite Element Analysis
- Fatigue & Fracture Mechanics assessment
- Creep & Creep fatigue assessment
- Corrosion control, assessment and prevention
- Recommendations on the application of design & structural integrity codes

For queries, please contact us at info@sicourse. or call us at +34 684-314-692/+44 (0) 7733-51-2416